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Access Control Systems

Access control systems help limit and monitor access to entry and exit points throughout your facility. Visitor management and employee access should be audited to protect people, property, and information.

a man swiping a key card on a security machine

How Can an Access Control System Protect Your Office?

The STI team can design and install an access system and integrate multiple locations. It’s responsible for the following:

  • Control employee and visitor access
  • Lock and unlock doors automatically and remotely
  • Monitor and document who enters or exits your building
  • Restrict access to certain parts of your building

How Does it Work?

Your new security system features cloud-based and web-based access control, eliminating the need for onsite dedicated servers and system administration. We can also integrate your access control system with the building’s overall security system, cameras, or alarm systems. Since we can program fobs or cards remotely, it allows you to easily remove access for former employees.

Types of Access Control Systems

We can install or maintain the following types of access control systems:

Key Fob Systems

These small, hand-held remote-control devices can lock and unlock a door with the touch of a button.

Card Reader Systems

Verify your identity by tapping or swiping a card onto the card reader system.

Biometric Enabled Systems

If you’re looking for an even higher level of security, biometric systems (fingerprint and face recognition) are an excellent choice.

Ready to Protect Your Office with Access Control Systems?

Step up your property’s security with access control systems from STI. Give us a call if you have any questions.